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The One Decision That Changed Everything

A year ago today, as I drove to work the song “This Could Change Everything” came on. I had probably heard it before, but on this particular day it hit differently.

That afternoon I planned to turn in my letter of resignation at my full-time job.

One of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made, turned into the one decision that quite literally changed everything!

It was the leap I needed to take to completely pivot my business, go full-time, & follow the dream I knew in my heart God was leading me towards.

Fast forward about 4 months, I was sitting at my desk and randomly thought of a text I sent to my mom back in college. That text was a picture of a design project I was working on saying “I could do this all day”. My mom responded with “I am so happy you found your passion”.

When I looked at the date on the top of text, I froze. I sent that text on November 16, 2020. Exactly TWO years from the day that I made the decision that changed everything and pursue my passion.

Talk about a God Wink!!!

Now, a year later and I am sitting here in my office working on design projects I LOVE everyday, working with clients I could only dream of working with, and following that passion for design I discovered in college.

I share this story as an encouragement for you to make the scary decision, to take the leap, and follow the path you feel God guiding you on!!

What’s the one decision that could change everything for you?


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