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Where did you first start dreaming of your small business?

Do you know where you were when you first started dreaming of your business?

Today as I write this blog post, I am working from one of my favorite spots in Cleveland, the fountain on the quad of John Carroll University. Sitting here in a blue and gold Adirondack chair during my senior year of undergrad quickly became my favorite spot on campus. It was a place to chat with friends, study, Zoom into class, and dream about what the next chapter would hold.

Often times those moments led me to dream about the future business I would start. Today, it is a place I come back to frequently to reflect on where my journey has taken me in just two short years since graduation day. As I sit here today in the same blue and gold Adirondack chair, I realized that I am now working on the business I once dreamed of in this exact place. Do you take the time to think back to those days when your business was simply an abstract idea in your mind? Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, the list of to-do's, the next goal you are striving for, and forget to appreciate how far you've come. Those everyday moments, the roads you take to get to the major milestones, and the reason why you started in the first place are all part of your journey and your unique brand story. My encouragement for you today is to look back on your journey whether it be a few months or several years to see how far you've come!

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