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News Flash: Your logo is NOT your brand

Yes, you read that correctly your logo is not your brand. While it is an important part of your branding it is not your brand. Your brand encompasses so much more than your logo, fonts, and color palette. The truth is, your brand is not tangible at all.

Your brand is what your business stands for at its core.

Your brand is what differentiates you from your competition.

Your brand is the unique story you have to share.

Your brand is WHY people should care about you.

Your brand connects with your audience.

Your brand draws them into the unique story you have to share.

Your brand is what your audience feels when they hear your name.

Think of your favorite business. A local coffee shop. A nationally known brand like Apple. A clothing store like Madewell. A specific product you are loyal to such as Garmin.

Why do you continue to support these brands? Is it truly the product they sell? Probably not, it is the story you are invited into, it is the way that product or service makes you feel when you interact with them, it is the values that they stand for or the mission of why their business exists in the first place.

Each of the examples I named above has several competitors that I could choose to support. But, it is not the logo that makes me continue going back for more. It is the brand! The story that they tell, the quality of their products, and the way I feel interacting with their product or service.

These are the factors that make up your brand. Your brand is built over time, but it starts from day one of your business.

Your logo and visual brand identity should help share your unique story, connect with your audience, and build brand recognition. But, your logo alone is not your brand.

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